The type of action that has the most impact is the action that arises out of alignment, that comes out of a sense of peace and flow. This type of action is both spontaneous and natural and unfolds when you get out of the way – you can distinguish spontaneous natural action (from being) from erratic forced action (from ego/memory) based on the feeling behind it.


Whatever emotion you are generating and sustaining in this moment is the feeling or resonance you are choosing to be, the charged electricity you are choosing to radiate. Are you being the feeling or resonance that is a match to the outcomes you desire? Notice what you are emitting and how you are doing it and adjust it to match the resonance of your desired outcomes as needed.

There is no reason to ever move out of the feeling states that keep you connected to Universal Energy. There is no situation important enough, no relationship valuable enough, no circumstance significant enough for you to give up your ability to stay in connection with creative universal power. Nothing is more important than you staying in alignment, than you staying connected, open, and in flow toward all that is your highest and best.

Move yourself out of the system of thought that says you are limited, that you have few options, that you are bound to the rules of your genes, family, geography, society, or culture. Raise yourself out of models or reality maps that would confine you and create limits on what you can and cannot do, who you can and cannot be, what you can and cannot have. Start the shift in your own mind and perspective first.

To be in your power is to consciously condition your thinking based on what and how you prefer to experience your world. You can draw from a system of thought that says life is magic, flow and effortlessness, or you can draw from a system of thought that says life is a battle, a struggle, an uphill climb. In either scenario, it’s you who is doing the drawing, who is pulling, magnetizing, and projecting the patterns that you’re in resonance with. It’s not about what anyone else thinks, feels, and believes. It’s not about what standards others have made true and valid for themselves. It’s about what you unequivocally bring yourself to know is possible and probable for you.

If you still live in a world of predictable this/or that outcomes, you confine your creative power to operate only within the realm of those limited possibilities. You’ve distorted the field of infinite possibility into your dualistic limited framework. Wherever you’re holding yourself to observe an either/or occurrence, let yourself drop that lens in favor of a more open and expansive expectation of limitless possibilities. Let yourself dwell in that space of mind and feeling that says: anything is possible in this and every instant.

The fabric of phenomenal reality, the world you wake up to everyday, is not a field of absolutes, certainty, and cause-effect tendencies. Though your world appears to be governed by predictable logical rules, what it’s made of is fields upon fields of interpenetrating virtual fluctuations. Malleability, fluidity, flexibility, and creative spontaneity are the ways of every moment in which you find yourself. Let go of the beliefs that tether you to a sense of having a fixed and static life. Let go of confining yourself to experiencing seemingly inflexible moments. Unchain your perspective. To experience a malleable reality you have to move yourself into more flexible models – you have to become more flexible in your definitions, expectations, assumptions, and projections of yourself, your relationships, and your world.