Remember, everything before you only has the meaning you’re giving to it. You are the meaning maker of your reality.


Think of universal energy as vibrating at “all is well”. Raise your own frequency to that in any area and you’ll watch flow resume.

Take this moment to infuse more light into any thought or emotional current that says something won’t work out.

Let go of resisting or rejecting whatever is showing up. In that release you will find all the power and resources you need to flow forward.

It’s engaging with your own psychology, your own beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that actively moves you into better and better states.

Think about all the things you can say YES to today! Think about all the aspects of your own being you can openly and lovingly embrace! Let’s let your rampage for today be – ‘I am for my dreams, I am for my success, I am for my joy, I am for my happiness, I am for my delicious expansion, I am for love, I am for my good, I am …for my highest good! I say YES! YES! YES!’

The quality of your experiences, the very color, resonance, and vibration of your experiences come from the interpretations you create moment after moment. Whatever conclusions you draw are thoughts oscillating at specific frequencies and whatever meanings you generate are tones or feelings oscillating at specific frequencies. Your interpretations matter – they are electric and magnetic, and contain both thought and feeling currents that function to draw to you all that materializes into your personal reality.