Who are you staying small for? Whose small and limited image or expectation are you conforming to? Live up to your full potential and the vision of your heart. Tune out everything and everyone else.


Take a moment to own, relish in, and celebrate your story. Own your triumphs, your successes, the challenges you’ve overcome. Own your tenacity. Own your resilience. Acknowledge all that you’ve already expressed and demonstrated in your life so far.

Let yourself anticipate flow. Let yourself anticipate divine orchestration in each and every moment. Let yourself notice the pervasive cosmic support that is always here for you.

What you do within your own neurology, what you do within your unique existence is yours to own. Own your right to do and experience reality your way.

Never allow someone else’s distortion to influence or impact your vision. Trust yourself. Trust your ability to align with the highest and best probable realities.

Each moment is an opportunity to choose what level of consciousness you operate from. What will take you to new levels and states of power is your own attention to what you’re doing inside yourself. From what level of consciousness are you showing up in this moment?