Remind yourself that you are bolder, bigger, stronger, and fiercer than your fears, larger than any apparent problem showing up, brighter than any nonsense being projected at you from those who would have you keep playing small. You’re not small. You never have been and you never will be. #consciousness #empowerment #nothinginyourway #bestill #mindfulness #radicalempowerment

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Your recognition that you yourself are a center through and in which a non-ordinary Intelligence expresses increases the appearance of miracles in your personal reality. Who is looking out from your eyes in this instant?

The creative action and impulse of the Universe is limitless. There are an infinite number of ways for the things you want to manifest. Let go of wanting to control the how and embrace the YES of your creative flow.

Every single thing that manifests is preparing you and refining you for what is to come. There are no wasted or pointless moments.

If you’re going to create projections in this moment, then make mental pictures of gaining and receiving what you desire rather than losing or not having it. Flow your focus into your fulfillment on every level.

Only what you believe is real and true will evoke an emotional response from you. Only that which you validate by defining it as meaningful appears to affect you.