You can’t take someone else’s word on your value, your worth, your importance. Always measure whether the feedback you’re given is a true reflection of your wholeness, your immense strengths and potential right alongside whatever areas of growth are still ahead of you.


Never allow anyone to make you second guess yourself out of your magnificence. See your own light and trust that seeing. See your own power and trust that seeing. See your own empowered and enlightened flow and trust that seeing.

Your reality is always and all ways 100% about your own management of energy. How you focus your attention, what you focus your attention on, what you do inside yourself is what determines the quality of your experiences. Bring your attention back to yourself.

Never mind what anyone else is or isn’t focused on. Never mind what anyone else is doing with their nervous system. Never mind how anyone else is regulating their energy flow. Focus on your own focus, your own flow of energy, your own regulation of your nervous system.

Part of regulating yourself is daily and routinely choosing to clear and release any point of focus that is lowering your vibration. Nothing is more important than what patterns of thought and feeling you are flowing your energy into.

Let yourself aspire to higher energies and a higher perspective in each moment. The more you can keep yourself in higher vibrations, the more flow you will experience in every area of your life. You’re the only one who can keep yourself “up”.

Let your mantra be: “I am so blessed. I am so thankful. I am so supported.” Let your thoughts and emotions be focused and fixated on your blessings, your connection, and how life and the cosmos have joyfully conspired for millennia to have you exist here and now. Let yourself access the stream of higher energies always here for you to access.