Trust the precision of the Universe. Trust that all is unfolding in perfect time with perfect orchestration. There is no amount of worry or anxiety that can improve upon the intelligence at work. The Universe has had a bit of practice with this…so relax your hold.


Let yourself notice that whatever is unfolding, the Universe is with you every step of the way. You are supported fully and completely.

Your life changes when you stop asking permission to fully be who you are. You are powerful. You are a force. You are valuable and worthy beyond measure. Let nothing and no one talk you into forgetting any of this.

Allow yourself to notice how blessings are unfolding all around you. Let yourself see all that you can be grateful for right now and keep yourself on that frequency. You give yourself more energy to keep moving forward when you focus on what is already working and beautiful.

Monitor your internal chatter. Whatever internal narrative you are giving validity to, that you are seeing as your truth or the truth of how the world works is shaping how you move about your experience and what you draw into it. Be vigilant.

Let your narrative be that you can continue to magnetize the highest and best outcomes into your life. Keep yourself focused on your ability to draw forth ongoing fulfillment.

Let nothing and no one distract you from keeping aligned to your vision, from being in full alignment with your power and flow to be, do, and have the quality of experiences that feel highest and best to you. Keep your broadcast signal clear. Keep your focus singular.