“This is your brain, this is your instrument, this is your tool, this is your power. What are you doing with your power?” – Jill Bolte Taylor

Your image of self is what allows you to expand, direct, or contract your energy flow. How are you seeing yourself, what image of self are you holding constant in whatever area of your life has you feeling limited or stuck or stagnant? Make this self your object of observation.

How you flow and regulate your energy vertically is the source of your electromagnetism. Pay attention to how you move from idea, to imagination, to story, to how you feel about your story, and to how you move through this world and take action. Aim for coherent flow.

Be accountable to the cause of all your results – your energy flow. Manage your energy. Let that be what has your full attention.

What contracts are you co-creating with those around you? Let yourself notice how you’re participating in relationship with those in your environment. There is no dynamic unfolding that you aren’t on some level (i.e. subconsciously) agreeing to take part in.