Let yourself know fully that you are on track, that you are on purpose, that you are on task. You are where you intended for yourself to be, and all of what’s showing up is doing so to support you in your ultimate work of self-evolution.


Pure awareness, pure consciousness is at the base of all of your expansion and transformation. Again and again bring yourself back into the Here and Now, into this moment, into the peaceful ground of your being. Be Still. Stay Still. Root yourself Here.

Let your daily song be that of gratitude. Let yourself silently run a script of thankfulness during the course of your day. Let your mantra be that you are loved, that you are loving, that you are lovable. Keep your energy currents flowing along higher energetic ground.

Be mindful of the various ways events and people energetically impact you. With a growing awareness you can know that which is your energy and that which is not. From that awareness you can then decide what you’ll keep yourself open to and what you’ll shut the door on.

What gives you inner stability is an internal narrative or script that says and resonates at the energy of: I am steady. I am grounded. I am secure. I am connected. I am unstoppable.

Leverage whatever in your life is showing up as a challenge or a block. Make use of it. Make use of the energy it is unearthing. Make use of the flurry of mental and emotional energies it is stirring up.