What temporary manifestation is throwing you off balance? Where have you placed your power? What thoughts can you lift off of or focus on to step into your center of power Hereand Now?


Validation, satisfaction, love, and appreciation are energetic uplifts you can give to yourself at anytime. Where are you looking outside yourself to receive these energies? Who are you waiting on to fill your cup?

Know yourself, know your own energy signature enough to know when some pattern of thought or mood isn’t yours. Check in with yourself regularly. Ask: what’s my true vibration? What’s my core energy? Get to know the quality of your own being.

What energy source or center are you operating from? What’s your story today about who you are, what you can do, what you can have, who you can be?

You must eradicate all sense and all impressions of creation and fulfilment coming from your external world.

Change your story. Your current story is a set of neurons in your brain. It’s truth value is only in the solidity of those well-rehearsed neural connections. See this and then begin to internally tell and anchor a new story of empowerment, cosmic support, and unconditional love.