Leverage whatever in your life is showing up as a challenge or a block. Make use of it. Make use of the energy it is unearthing. Make use of the flurry of mental and emotional energies it is stirring up.


Adversity, no matter its form, is meant to be a catalyst for our own evolution. Life does not give us challenges to block or prevent us from our fulfillment. Life helps us set up the containers we need to transform and emerge ourselves into our next level of growth.

Keep yourself attuned to your heart’s vision and flow continuously. Keep your focus and attention on the things, possibilities, people that inspire you. Notice what’s already here in the world that reflects and resonates at the level of your desired outcomes. Appreciate. Love.

It’s not coming from the outside world. It’s not coming from “out there”. Let go of fighting and struggling with your environment. Know with every fiber of your being that all that you seek to experience “out there” first occurs as an energetic and neurological event “in here”.

Never let anything or anyone make you forget that the very power to awaken yourself to new levels of reality, new levels of expression and power is written in your genes. You already carry within yourself all that you need to expand into new territories of consciousness.

You know the saying “it’s easier said than done”? Get rid of that kind of distinction from your nervous system. Discard that kind of belief, a belief that says your words are powerless. Move it to your mental recycle bin and shred it forever. It can be done as you say it is done. You have the ability to infuse every word you utter with the kind of power that can reorganize reality.

Where you are looking for approval, acceptance, acknowledgement from others is where you can give love, approval, and acceptance to yourself. Recognize your radiance. Recognize your strength. Recognize and embrace your light.