When in doubt, zoom out. Doubt only arises when you’ve contracted back into a small “me” frame of reference. Notice and locate the “I” that is doubting and integrate it back into your wholeness. Can you allow yourself to rest in your wholeness right here and now?


Magic is as magic does. Look in the mirror and see the miracle and magic that looks back at you. Self-knowledge and empowerment require that you shed and set yourself free of limited constructs.

You, at your core, are pure power. There has never been a force and presence like you and there never will be. Know this. Anchor this. Own this with every atom that makes you YOU.

You have direct access to all signals in the Field. Let nothing and no one try and mediate what you can know, what you can see, what you can intuit and sense directly. Foster your ability to directly and fully relate to Big Mind-Big Heart, Creation, Existence.

The goal each and every day is alignment. Alignment with your vision. Alignment between heart and mind. Get aligned and stay aligned. Rinse and repeat.

Stay focused and aligned to the big picture, to the vision you have in your heart. Let nothing distract you from feeling connected and at one with the energy of your vision.

Eject every image of limitation you hold in your conceptions of self, in your self-concepts. You cannot mobilize your psychology and neurology into new territories of experience while at the same time holding images of a limited self in mind.