Notice the narratives you are allowing to carry on inside of you. Notice the stories you are feeding with your attention and through your identification. Every thought, every pattern that gets your attention and investment is either allowing you to be open to the flow of creative energy, Universal energy, or it is what you are using to close yourself off to more flow, more power, more love, more connection, more elevation. Identify the purpose of the narratives active within you and make a decision. Identify how a stream of thought, reaction, observation is serving you and decide to carry on with it or discard it. Leverage the seat of observation that is yours. Thoughts are not the lead, you are.

The landscape of your reality, the details of your waking experience can change in an instant. In fact those details are changing constantly. Your reality now is different than it was a second ago on every level. Allow yourself to recognize change as the constant of waking life and you will move into your desired shifts sooner than you expect.

All that you hold to be true about yourself and your world is a belief that you take to be factual. All of your expectations on what’s possible or not possible are mental models you’re making use of to make sense of reality. Recognize that all that you know and hold to be true or impossible is subject to change and modification. Be flexible in mind and let that flexibility move you into new terrains of experience.

It’s a new day, a new instant. And you have the absolute power to choose to celebrate and savor the miracle of being here right now. Yesterday is gone, today has yet to unfold, and tomorrow still resides in a sea of infinite potential.

You have to be the one to be clear about your boundaries. No one can set that for you. Value yourself. Stand up for yourself. Speak up for yourself.

You cannot realize, manifest or experience what you are not in the energetic neighborhood of. You cannot see what you are not a match to see. If it’s not visible to you, it’s because of where you are holding yourself in consciousness, in energy, in vibration. Change that, and it will all come into view. When you change your energy, you change your world.