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When you create from the feeling of being an integrated part of the Universe, what you do, how you do it, how you feel during the whole creative process, and what you get back are noticeably different. Are you creating from wholeness? Read the full post on infinite-life.com #empowerment #spirituality #inspiration #positivity #meditation #loa #mindfulness

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If you want something other than your habituated response or reaction to arise in the moment, stop and create awareness around what you’re facing and how you’d like to think, behave, and act around it. What energetic state do you want to be in as you face this situation, person, or thing? The more consciousness you bring into whatever you are facing, the more deliberate and intentional presence you move yourself to. It’s that intentional and deliberate presence that has creative influence and constructive power. – Kidest OM

Let yourself become aware of the choices and decisions you are making. Pay attention to your internal machinations. These choices, these little moment to moment decisions are what impact the direction your moments take. It’s this awareness around what you choose to do and not do with your energy that allows you to pay attention to the course you are creating for yourself moment after moment. – Kidest OM

You cannot draw situations and circumstances you haven’t internally created alignment with. It is the internal embodiment of a fulfilled outcome that makes you magnetic to that outcome. The more you can think, feel, and see your desired outcomes as natural extensions of who you are, as already here, as already done, as already yours, the more you can see yourself effortlessly living these realities, the more fluidly you will draw these outcomes to you. – Kidest OM

Move yourself away from getting caught up in the behaviors of others, in the misaligned words and actions of others. Focusing on someone else’s apparent disconnection will only make you harmonize with that discord. What you give your attention to, what you create space for in your awareness, you are allowing yourself to resonate with. Focus instead on your desired outcome, your goal, your vision, the new standard and quality of life that you are after materializing in you and around you. Alignment to your outcome is more important than any in the moment appearance, alignment to your vision is more valuable than giving your attention to any apparent discord around you. Let nothing and no one be more important or more significant to you than the realization of what you know in your heart to be your highest and best. – Kidest OM