Never let anything or anyone make you believe that you are anything less than magnificent, beautiful, miraculous. Whoever can be present to your light will show up only when you can be present to it yourself.


Find and focus on your lovability. Find and focus on your magnificence. Find and focus on your innate beauty. Let yourself acknowledge and accept all parts of yourself.

You’ve likely heard both of these in some shape or form: “you are not a human doing, you are a human being” or “don’t just sit there and #meditate, get up and do something”. It’s not an either/or matter of either staying in being-ness, in presence, or being an always active goal achiever that leads to a balanced and fulfilling life. It’s being able to allow yourself to integrate the ability of both being the doer and a doorway to your experiences that leads to an ever expansive and enriching life. Balance. Integration. Unification. These are the skills that enable you to bring all of yourself into every aspect of your moments. Read more on the blog at #spirituality #inspiration #positivity #meditation #loa #mindfulness #zen

Every generation tends to believe that its views on the nature of reality are either true or quite close to the truth. We are no exception to this: although we know that the ideas of earlier generations were each time supplanted by those of a later one, we still believe that this time we got it right. Our ancestors were naïve and superstitious, but we are objective—or so we tell ourselves. We know that matter/energy, outside and independent of mind, is the fundamental stuff of nature, everything else being derived from it—or do we? In fact, studies have shown that there is an intimate relationship between the world we perceive and the conceptual categories encoded in the language we speak. We don’t perceive a purely objective world out there, but one subliminally pre-partitioned and pre-interpreted according to culture-bound categories.

Every apparent challenge is an opportunity for expansion. A challenge is nothing other than a moment where you’re brought to discover more aspects of your being. Anytime you move through something challenging you’ve moved into a new octave of consciousness. – Kidest OM, Excerpt from book ‘In Tune with Miracles: Cultivating Miracle Consciousness’

To comprehend miracles with the mind that defines and fragments, is to limit the indefinable nature of these timeless and dimensionless fields of being that are your own. The power, presence, and manifestation of miracles comes from a layer of your own being, it’s one of your dimensions of Wholeness expressed. – Kidest OM, Excerpt from book ‘In Tune with Miracles: Cultivating Miracle Consciousness’