The language of the universe is energy, frequency, vibration. Instead of focusing on the content of whatever is showing up, instead of focusing on the story and the drama, focus instead on the energy, the quality, the feel. What energy is being presented? Ask yourself: what energy is this and what energy do I want it to be about? Engage with your world from this broader perspective and you’ll get much further in your transformation and evolutionary efforts.

You do not have to surrender to the restriction of ‘the way things are’. That which is within you is GREATER than the way things are and the way things have been so far. Be willing to draw from a broader vision and a higher perspective. Be willing to let a higher guidance be your guide in each moment.

Constantly bringing yourself to give up the how, to release and clear the figuring out your conscious mind goes into, and living in the knowing and trusting of your ever present fulfillment is your master key to effortlessness. Let go of wanting to figure things out from the level of the conscious mind. In that letting go you free up energy to direct and flow into your desired direction.

What anyone and everyone else says about your capacity, your potential, your worth is irrelevant. You get to be 100% self-defined.

Since you’ve trained yourself into having the experiences you are having, you can train yourself into having different experiences wherever you desire that difference. Own that your experiences are a reflection of your psychological and emotional conditioning and you’ll give yourself the level of internal power needed to bring about any change in every aspect of your life.