You must recognize that you are not your patterns. You are not your emotional patterns. You are not your financial patterns. You are not your relationship patterns. You are not your health patterns. You have never been your patterns and you will never be your patterns. You are forever above and beyond all the patterns of waking experience. This recognition is available to you in any moment. You limit what you can experience when you hold to the notion that some experiences will make your true nature unavailable to you – when really, all experiences have the potential to heighten your awareness of who and what you really are. Limitless. Boundless. One with the Universe. The true nature of your being cannot be truly hidden by any temporary patterns of your waking reality. Embrace the pervasive nature of the pure powerful consciousness that you are.

The way to creating something different is to first notice what’s already different and build upon that awareness. If it feels right, it’s only because it’s familiar. Cultivate the consciousness of difference instead of habituating the illusion of sameness and familiarity. You will catch up to the changes you desire to experience much quicker.

Move yourself fully into the present moment to access the limitless possibilities of the quantum field. Let go of the perceived past in all directions of your experience. Let go of projecting an expected future. Move beyond your history, your identity, your persona, your memories. Accelerate your own level of density and solidity so that you are a wave in the ocean of pure consciousness. This is always the field out of which you do the seemingly impossible.

Change and transformation are internal before they are external. Refresh your field of perception daily. Clear your mental cache – the recycled filter that obscures all the new information all around you. Change is constant. Transformation is constant. Renew your mind daily to see anew, to see what’s new and different, to look with fresh eyes at the changes already all around you and you will grow your world into change for the greater, for the better.

It’s not about manifestation. It’s about you as consciousness, as intelligence, as pure power. It’s about your ability to move into any desired state in any and every context. It’s not about the material. It’s not about events. It’s about your power to be able to shift into any mindset and heart-set you choose. It’s when you own this power that the world of matter around you will warp and curve to your intent and delight.

There is no need to try and control the outcomes you perceive to be outside of you. Where you want to exercise your power and influence is on your own states of being, on the psychological and emotional strategies you’re using moment to moment. Focus your energy and attention on influencing and controlling what you’re thinking and feeling moment after moment. That’s where you have the most impact and it’s that impact that translates into a different quality of magnetism and attractive power. Trying to control the external will give you stress and put you in tension. Deciding and determining your thoughts and emotions, your focus and awareness, will give you power and leverage.