Every thought that arises does not need your engagement. You do not have to always identify with or attach to the thoughts that float through your awareness. See thoughts as passing clouds to witness rather than information to immediately accept, attach to, and engage with. You can simply let them arise and dissolve without engagement and in doing so free yourself from many of the unresourceful streams of thinking that form themselves in your mind. You have the freedom to say ‘I do not have to accept this thought, engage this thought, and energize this thought. I can simply notice it and let it dissolve without my participation’. – Kidest OM


Bring purposefulness into your every moment. What are you doing and why are you doing it? What are you thinking and why are you thinking it? Activate your awareness in every moment so that you are living your moments on purpose, from consciously chosen frequencies, instead of out of unconscious habits informed by limited thinking. Your mastery of your experiences begins with mastery of your internal environment. – Kidest OM

What do you believe about the universe, reality, your being? Is the universe unconditionally benign? Is your external reality a direct reflection of your internal reality? Your constructs about self, others, and world are what inform how you perceive and organize worlds of infinite possibilities into your lived realities. If you believe and bring yourself to know that anything is possible for you, that you are a divine treasure, that the Universe is unconditionally generous, then that is how you line up the experience sequences of your waking moments. – Kidest OM

Unleash your growth power. Engage with your own psychology, your own beliefs, thoughts, and feelings and actively move yourself into better and better states. Growth comes from what you energetically feed yourself in the quality of emotionalized thoughts you choose to keep and perpetuate within yourself. Turn inward. Engage. Unleash. Soar. You can. – Kidest OM

Remember, anticipating your fulfillment will do more for your alignment and flow than trying to figure things out.

Whatever resistant thought is arising is not worth your focus and attention. It’s not worth it to give up your alignment for that thought.