When you alter your consciousness, you create change in your neurology. And changing your neurology changes what reality fields you access.

Maximize your awareness of the beauty in your life. Grow in your ability to notice what’s already beautiful, what’s already luminous, what’s already radiant in your world. What you give your undivided attention and focus to, is what you embody and express.

Create the habit and condition yourself to focus on what you have, how you’re blessed, what’s going right. What’s right with your life is just as much a point of focus as what’s wrong with your life. The more you condition yourself to focus on the flow already in your life, the more you’ll magnetize more flow into your experiences. You get what you focus on. You get back what you put out.

Pure Awareness is curative in nature. Make it a point to touch base with your Still Center throughout your day. Quiet your mind. Follow your breath. Move your awareness down into your heart-point at the center of your chest. Center yourself in Stillness and let that expansive space of being be your source and resource in every moment.

Your states of being determine what you’ll make something mean, what definition you’ll give to the otherwise neutral events of your life. What you see from a state of joy is completely different from what you see from a state of disappointment. When in doubt about what you’re seeing, change your state and look again.

Your conscious awareness alone can transform a pattern. When you become aware of it, when you introduce the power of pure awareness into a pattern, you introduce a field of energy that can neutralize the charge and momentum of that pattern. Notice what you notice and give it the power of your pure non-judgmental attention. Through the neutral power of pure awareness you can shed years of patterns in the blink of an eye.

Where are you holding back from speaking your truth, from being your truth, from acting on your truth because of what someone else might think? What reasons are you giving yourself to censor yourself? Notice how this is a decision you are making to not be in your full power. This is a decision you are making to not burn as brightly as your true fully expressed self. Use your voice. Speak up. Step into your power to be your full self in every way. Shrink back for no-thing and no-one.