The fabric of phenomenal reality, the world you wake up to everyday, is not a field of absolutes, certainty, and cause-effect tendencies. Though your world appears to be governed by predictable logical rules, what it’s made of is fields upon fields of interpenetrating virtual fluctuations. Malleability, fluidity, flexibility, and creative spontaneity are the ways of every moment in which you find yourself. Let go of the beliefs that tether you to a sense of having a fixed and static life. Let go of confining yourself to experiencing seemingly inflexible moments. Unchain your perspective. To experience a malleable reality you have to move yourself into more flexible models – you have to become more flexible in your definitions, expectations, assumptions, and projections of yourself, your relationships, and your world.


If there’s a feat to accomplish at this point in time, it’s the full abandonment of the materialist and mechanistic programming of mass consciousness. Set yourself free of that which would define you as a separate solid occurrence in a world of other separate solid occurrences. Expand and release yourself into a platform of perception and experience that paints you as limitless, whole, and malleable.

Instead of anchoring your mind to the past and using the past as a reference for what can and cannot happen, condition yourself to keep extending your mind into the Unknown, the field of limitless potential, and let that be your frame of reference. Be vigilant about what frame of mind (past-based or vision/possibility-based) you are allowing to inform you in each moment. This is how you let your vision and limitless possibility be what consistently leads and informs you.

What makes up the energetic structure of your personal reality is what you think and what you feel. The building block for the circumstances and conditions that organize themselves around you is how you spin your own consciousness – how you anchor and cycle those electric thoughts and how you pulse and radiate those magnetic feelings. If you want something different, then modify the electromagnetic field that you generate around you out of what you consistently think and feel.

The most practical thing you can do in any given moment is follow your bliss, follow the path where you feel expanded flow. What relationship, event, task, point of focus, endeavor excites you and makes you feel energy moving freely and easily? That state of bliss is an indicator that you are tuning into the reality stream that is most reflective of your true boundless unique nature. It is your own nature as a limitless being that you feel as bliss. Tap into that consistently and watch how your world organizes around that frequency.

A good habit to develop is checking with yourself to see if there is any area in your experience where you are tolerating discomfort, where you are living with even the slightest tension or feeling of un-ease. Where you feel that un-ease is where you can expand to release more energy into your life. Every knot is meant to be freed. Every aspect of your life can be something that brings you joy, ease, peace, and harmony.

Where the ‘classical’ outlook presents you with only an either/or option everywhere you go, the ‘quantum’ outlook offers you a both/and buffet of options. Pay attention to what system of thought you’re drawing from moment to moment. You could be drawing from a dualistic or binary map of reality continually only allowing yourself to choose from ‘this or that’. You could be drawing from an even more open map of reality wherein you could choose from this, that, and a buffet of other options. What system of thought is informing your moment to moment choice? And if you were aware that you had even more options available to you in any given moment than the ones you were considering, what opens up for you in your perspective? Notice and step into that expanded field.