Impossible things happen in every moment, every single day. Whether or not you experience the reality of what most may deem as an impossibility is entirely dependent on your rules for what can or cannot happen in your personal and perceptual space-time matrix.

All that you see around you as your personal reality is an echo of a template, a blueprint born of the definitions you hold of yourself and your world. Consciousness is primary – it is before matter, before DNA, before genetics, before ancestors, before lifetimes. Hold the true cause to be the cause of your experience, and you’ll experience the effects of your true personal power to change any aspect of your waking reality that you desire to change.

Never for a moment feel or believe that the Universe isn’t answering your requests. All that you have asked for and more, is already given. Stay open. Remain receptive. Allow.

How much ecstasy are you willing to have in your life? Have you thought about this? You can design the quality of the life you live. Think about the kinds of emotions you want your moments to be filled with. Think about the kinds of states you want your life to be filled with. Decide that you will not settle for emotions and states less than the one’s you’ve identified. When you know the quality of the life you want to live, when you know with clarity what states and emotions you want to fill your moments, you’ve leaped into masterful living. Circumstances do not define your emotions. Conditions do not dictate your states of being. You do.

With what mindset are you approaching your desired change and transformation? Look at the relationship you right now have to the change you want to make or experience. How you approach something determines how that something will express. If you approach the desired change with excitement, you’re going to get something different than if you approach it with trepidation. The energy you bring to the table matters – it materializes and flows itself into the expression of your desired outcome. The quality of your journey toward change begins with the energy you bring to the table the moment you decide change is needed.

Do you have a belief that says change is only temporary? That change takes a lot of time and effort? Question your assumptions around change and transformation. Look at your expectations and conclusions around the possibility of lasting and permanent change, and even instant and immediate change for the better. You have the absolute power to birth yourself into a new way of being in the world in any and every area of your life. Change is frequent. Change is constant. Change is non-stop. Change is the basis of everything around you and inside of you. Know and utilize this.

Never settle for less than the expression of your full potential in every situation. You short change yourself and your world by holding back or by softening the full force and power of your being is. Ask yourself: if I were to be fully self expressed in this moment and in this situation, who would I be and what would I do?