Close the gap your mind is creating between where you are now and where you desire to be. That gap is only perceptual. Anything can happen in the next instant. The excuse and justifications the conscious mind conjures up are only safety measures and not actual boundaries or limits. All possibilities exist in full living color in this immediate instant. Let go of being informed by the physical mind and instead source from the higher mind – the broader perspective that knows that you can skip and leap into any new experience at any time.

Be less involved with resistant stories in the mind and be more in the recognition and resonance of how perfect this moment is. #allow #loa

Let go of what you think *should* happen so that you can open up to the possibilities of what can happen. #surrender #letgo #loa

Use your conscious mind in a way that you consistently cultivate empowering beliefs, possibility beliefs, fulfillment beliefs, beliefs that embed a level of certainty and strong conviction that you can and will live the life of your dreams. It is this energetic baseline, this internal standard of knowing, that will inform every moment you find yourself in and every person you cross paths with. You are the magnetic center of your personal universe.

Whatever level of resistance you are experiencing, you are the one creating it. #meditation #loa #empowerment

The emotionalized thought is a powerful force. It is the basis, the seed, of the moments you find yourself in. What you know with feeling about yourself and your world, what you know with feeling about what will or won’t come to be in your experience, is what you will live out.