New Blog Post: ​One of the quickest ways to move yourself up the scale of emotions, to raise your vibration or increase your energy flow is through the practice of self-appreciation.

You must give your day to day focus, your creative energies, your nervous system something concrete and clear to work toward. Deliberate creation, living your life on purpose, is an exercise in the constructive use of all of your (and universal) creative forces. Actualization of your dreams, realization of your desired outcomes, begins by you gifting yourself clear and well defined instruction.

Whatever you imagine, whatever you expect, whatever you anticipate becomes the template that your creative energies of mind and personality work toward. Recognize that you are always and at all times in the creative seat of all that you live. If you want to live something different, then begin by first using the powers of your mind, heart and imagination to create new templates of experience.

The thing you must recognize about yourself is that you are infinitely resourceful and infinitely creative by nature, by design. You have constant and continuous internal access to powers and energies that are not of the manifested world. Know that you are eternally connected to a Greater Reality. Ignite this awareness in yourself frequently so that you can condition your nervous system to know this unequivocally.

Take a look at any sense of concern or worry or doubt or any level of contraction arising within you and look at the thoughts. Question what it is that’s making use of your internal voice here. Is it an aspect of yourself that’s adding momentum, power, energy to what’s showing up that’s speaking through those thoughts? Is it an aspect of yourself that’s more comfortable with things staying as they are? The personifications that show up in any given moment as an internal voice all have a role to play in who we are. We’re made up of many different voices that utilize life force in specific ways. So question the voice that you hear internally in any given moment. Instead of assuming it’s your voice, recognize that it’s one of many voices you can make space for. And if the internal voice you hear doesn’t suit where you want to go and who you want to be, you can choose to listen to a different voice that does.

Where are you keeping to your comfort zone? Where can you stretch more? The more you consciously and knowingly move yourself into growth, the less you’ll be pushed into growth by life. Consciously and knowingly expand yourself, inch past your limits.

It’s ownership of the spaces you occupy in consciousness that give you the leverage and the power to bring through and express something different. It’s taking responsibility for your experiences that gives you the ability to respond consciously to what shows up so that through that response new levels of awareness and new levels of reality can emerge. You cannot give up your power to circumstances and conditions, making them the cause of why you’re living what you’re living, and pull in experiences you desire. You must start by owning this moment, the previous moment, last year, this lifetime. Recognize and own your constant co-creative participation in everything you live. This is the hardest part of waking up to your creative power. Fearlessly take hold of the life you’re living and know that it’s the life you’ve been creating every moment with every breath. Own it.