You must move yourself out of the state of ‘something is missing’ – recognize this mental chatter and state of being for what it is and move yourself into the state of fullness. Both are equally valid. Both are equally present. Both will get you moving into experiences that will give you more of the same. If you focus on ‘what’s missing’ you’ll get more things to miss. If you focus on how you’re already fulfilled, life will move to fill you up even more. Choose what you will allow to occupy you and what you will be magnetic to in every moment.

What you want to look at is what you are making meaningful in this moment and every moment that follows. What are you making meaningful right now? What are you saying really matters and is really important? What person, event or situation are you internally saying has to be a certain way? Where or what is your attention fixated on? Recognize that this internal monologue you have continuously going on is defining your states of being. When you recognize that what matters to your personal reality is who you are being, what voice or story you are holding space for in yourself, you will recognize and stand in the full power of your presence. Be still. Return to your Self. Therein rests your creative power and source of ultimate peace.

Recognize that everything before you is an extension of your own body -nothing is out of place. Nothing is a disconnected appearance that is completely separate and apart from you. All is the flow of your Being no matter how near or far it may appear to be unfolding. Step into your oneness and access the ease of being whole.

The definitions, constructs, concepts you use to describe and understand the flow of consciousness, the flow of your being, the flow of your reality are what create the parameters of your waking world, the quality of the events you find yourself participating in. How flexible are you willing to be about your frames of reference, lines of reference, points of reference? Nothing is what you think it is. It only appears that way to conform to your perceptual rule-sets.

Improving the tenor of your inner voice begins by listening to what it is saying. When you experience a distressing thought, identify its true nature and give yourself the choice to think or feel differently. In the process, negative thought pathways will wane from disuse and you will begin to forge new self-enhancing neural pathways. When you are feeling joyful and calm, reflect on your accompanying thoughts at that moment. Cherish these thoughts and relish them frequently knowing that these pathways become stronger with each repetition. Over time, you will transform the infrastructure of your brain. – Marie Pasinski, M.D.

It is not difficult to change, release, delete or neutralize limiting beliefs if you have the desire and willingness to do so. You have all the inner technology you need to change your mindset, to upgrade your beliefs, to clear your psychological operating system. Start with unequivocally knowing that you can change your mind to more useful and more resourceful states of perception and being.