About Kidest OM

Kidest OMTransformation Consultant and IN-Powerment™ Coach Kidest OM knows, with clear conviction and absolute certainty, that the potential within every human being to achieve any desired outcome is limitless. The infinite capacity for greatness, the unbounded capacity to live the highest imaginable quality of life pulses within each individual.

As a result of this certain knowledge, Kidest offers information, tools, and coaching, so that individuals can tap into this ingrained capacity  to access and express exceedingly more harmonious, resonant, and congruent patterns of self and reality. She’s authored several books and has publications on psychology and consciousness in magazines and journals, and has dedicated herself to continue to push humanity into expressing more empowered states of being.

Kidest received her B.A. in Psychology and for almost a decade worked in the research field seeking to understand the power of perception, cognition, and experiences in shaping individuals. In search of more empowering, holistic and integrative approaches, she has extensively studied, practiced, and mastered various technologies of consciousness which she now uses to facilitate the desired shifts in her client’s as well as her own day to day experiences.

Kidest continues to deepen and expand her practice in consciousness explorations, shifts and transformation so that anyone and everyone she interacts with can benefit from the possibility of beneficial change in any desired facet of their life. There are no limits. There are only possibilities.

Kidest now specializes in assisting people access the deepest and most powerful parts of themselves so that they can live the experiences they truly desire to live, easily and effortlessly, expressing higher levels of empowerment on a consistent and never-ending basis throughout their lifetime.


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