Miracles always demonstrate a field greater than who you currently know yourself to be. They defy the boundaries of your identity and the rules of your reality. However, these boundary defying miracles are in you. You cannot exist apart from miracles for what you are is a reflection of the Infinite Whole – Kidest OM, Excerpt from book ‘In Tune with Miracles: Cultivating Miracle Consciousness’


Every potential miracle that can ever be, exists right now, whether or not its miracle-nature is in reach of your current spatial, temporal, and perceptual coordinate. – Kidest OM, Excerpt from book ‘In Tune with Miracles: Cultivating Miracle Consciousness’

Everything you do, every thought stream you choose to ride, every emotional state you choose to sustain, every action you put into motion has influence – this influence is either constructive (e.g. uplifting, harmonizing, coherent, mobilizing) or destructive (e.g. disruptive, chaotic, depressive) to your being and environment. Your thoughts, your emotions, your actions, managing these is managing your power of influence. What impact you have on your being and on your environment is always entirely in your own hands.

Whatever minset and heartset you embody internally, whatever you allow yourself to become internally, you will live out externally. Identity, that state of thinking and feeling yourself into a new mode of being is the organizing principle of your reality. Think and feel the new you, so you can be it, so you can embody and habituate (physiologically memorize) the energy of the new you. A new identity, a new sense of self, sense of values, sense of purpose, is a new energy. A new energy is a new reality. Be it so you can live it.

The facts about your moments and the meaning you’re creating around these facts are different levels of awareness. The facts don’t matter as much as the meaning you create around these facts when it comes to the quality of your moments. What impacts you the most, what impacts the quality of your experience and how good you feel moment after moment is in the level of awareness where meaning is created. This is an area that you have complete control over. You may not completely control the facts that show up but you have complete control over the meanings you create moment after moment. Leverage that power and you’ll reveal to yourself the power you have over the facts of your life.

All that a negative current of thought accomplishes, whether directed at others or yourself is to lower the flow of energy in your being. It lowers your spirit. It brings you “down”. It distracts you from your vision, your dream, your purpose. It diminishes your sense of vitality and your awareness of the vibrancy and jubilant disposition that is inherent to your core nature. Manage and regulate your mind, your focus, what your attention fixates on, and you will make more energy available to yourself to construct and magnetize your desired outcomes.

Bring yourself to irrefutably know that you are capable of expressing infinite excellence in every area of your life. You can summon whatever level of energy and intelligence you need to bring about any level of mastery you are after expressing. Everything about your psychology and physiology is designed for you to express and demonstrate your version of unlimited power. Detach from any patterns of thinking that say you can’t, you aren’t able, you don’t have what it takes. You can.