The more you face the truth of what’s holding you back and move yourself out of denial, the more consciousness, creative power, and energy you release to flow forward into something new. Face it and release it, that’s your bridge into the new. #empowerment #spirituality


Keep the narratives you create around what you’re experiencing simple and you’ll find yourself free from perpetuating counter-intentions and vibrations. Keep yourself unified and focused only on the energy of your preferred outcomes. #consciousness #empowerment #loa #spirituality

Recognize any movement of energy within yourself for what it really is. Energy indicating flow in the form of positive emotions or energy pointing out blockages in the form of negative emotions. #consciousness #empowerment #spirituality #loa

The only way to growth is to face your creations head on. Face your achievements. Face your fears. Face your blunders. Face whatever is showing up fully. Own your co-creative part. No running. No hiding. No blaming. Only 100% ownership. #empowerment #consciousness #spirituality

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