Pay attention to the current of thoughts your mind is manufacturing constantly. Accurately assess whether or not these thoughts are pointing you toward the realities you prefer or pointing you away from the realities you prefer. Ask yourself: is this train of thinking taking me toward my outcomes? Is this flow of perception attuning me to the outcomes I desire? To let your mind do the driving undirected is to let yourself live an aimless life.


There are no subconscious or unconscious limiting tendencies that are exempt from the neutralizing power of pure consciousness. Get Still, bring the pattern into awareness, and let that Stillness dissolve whatever knots of limitation you keep active in your psyche.

What you’re after achieving is a clear and clean state of resonance with the field of your desired outcomes. You do this by cultivating the feeling states of already having, already being, already doing what it is that you want to have, be, and do. The state of feeling things as already done, as already available, as already created, as already yours change the tempo and oscillation of the consciousness you are as you focus on the physical plane. This change in consciousness, in the very tone you are being and the signals you’re broadcasting, is what informs and organizes your environment to reflect and mirror that change.

Every behavior comes from a pattern of thinking, feeling, and wanting. If you’re trying to change the behavior without working on the underlying pattern of thought, feeling, and wants/needs, you’ll experience more resistance in your effort to deactivate or neutralize that behavioral pattern. Change from the outside-in takes way more energy and effort to put in place, whereas change from the inside-out, from the ‘below the surface’ environment (the root), will bring forth natural and effortless transformation to the behavior in question. Look directly at the patterns of thought and feeling driving your behaviors. Contemplate. Reflect. Meditate. Look at your own interior. That looking, that introduction of pure awareness into your subconscious and unconscious regions will unleash more transformative power than anything else.

Small positive changes in your outlook and those seemingly small decisions around what you’ll choose to focus on are what make a difference in the quality of your life. Take a look at your thoughts and responses about this day, this week, this month and so on and notice what currents of thinking and feeling you’re letting run in the background. It’s shifting your focus around your day to day experience that moves you into new oscillations of energy, and into alignment with your desired realities.

It really isn’t about making the best of anything. It’s about bringing the best version of yourself into it. It’s when you fill up what ‘is’ with all of yourself, with the fullness of your consciousness, that you grow and expand the field of your reality to contain more – and it’s that expansion from the inside that translates as more expanded ‘desirable’ moments.

First question the reactions you generate and the full context within which they arise and then decide on the actions to take. What’s informing your reaction? Would you be reacting in the same way if the details were slightly different, if it involved different players? Is this a reaction you choose to be having, an energy you choose to be generating? Tap into and cultivate your ability to be consciously responsive rather than unconsciously reactive.