The reality or outcome you desire, the reality or outcome you’ve decided to experience came into existence the instant you became aware of desiring it. The desire and the finished outcome are one unified event. The part that feels like a journey is the part where you calibrate your neurology and psychology into being able to register, perceive, and translate the details of that quantum event into a physical experience.


Growing in your ability to be powered from within yourself means recognizing that whatever you see, experience, and feel through the physical apparatus always precedes the decision (conscious or unconscious) to see, experience, and feel it. You are constantly making decisions on what will and will not be a part of your reality. Leverage your power and decide upon the experiences you want to see and feel consciously and deliberately. Living the intentional future and living the accidental future are both decisions you make.

If you want to live from a sense of limitless freedom in each moment, you have to be mindful of the frames or contexts you are setting up for yourself. How are you framing your reality right now? What contexts inform this moment for you? Are you drawing from a framework of infinite possibilities in this instant? Are you organizing your awareness around ideas of boundlessness and residing in a field of infinite potential right now? If you were to source from a view of limitless possibilities in this space right here, what happens to your awareness, your breath, your emotions? Pay attention to that. Revisit this space often from a place of curiosity, interest, and attention.

You only ever experience the standards you’ve made a normal and acceptable part of your reality. What you’ve devoted your thoughts, attention, and time to, what you’ve validated to be real, expected, and possible occurrences for your reality are what show up.

Creating and experiencing what you desire is easy when you’re doing it from a place of internal alignment. When you say to yourself internally that you can have it, do it, or be it – you are creating that alignment and harmonization. If you’re telling yourself otherwise, recognize you’re the one telling and convincing yourself otherwise. You’re only up against your own resistance. Check your internal story. Check your expectations.

To consistently alter your reality with intention, with your emotionalized thoughts, you first have to become in control of your thoughts and emotions. For as long as you are ruled by reactivity and conditioned thinking, for as long as you live in reaction to your waking world, mastering your ability to organize your world in the ways that delight you will feel like a struggle. The key to mastering your destiny or living a life of intention and deliberate creation, is first taking charge of your psychology, how you run and operate your body-mind.