Whatever empties, whatever vacates, whatever leaves your waking experience and immediate environment is making space for something new to occupy that emptiness, empty nest, vacated space..and whatever will show up to occupy that opening will be exactly what you need it to be or something even better. Life will never be less than it was a moment ago, just as you will never be less than you were a fraction of a second ago. Trust that what has left, was meant to leave. Trust that what remains absent is meant to remain in the unknown. Trust what’s emerging to be exactly what you need to be who you are meant to be.


Pay attention to whatever it is that you’re expressing and extending from yourself. Pay attention to the contents of your own interior, your psychology, your physiology, your brain activity. If you’re resorting to emotional manipulations and emotional ultimatums, if you’re resorting to trying to control your environment or the people around you in some way, you are playing the game of unconsciousness and disempowerment. To be awake, to be in your full power, to be intentional, to be a deliberate creator, is to fully and completely own every aspect of your experience, from your observations, your interpretations, your reactions to your decisions, your internal narratives, your filters. In awake-ness, in full self-awareness, there is no room for someone or something else to be in charge of why you’re generating the psycho-emotional contents you’re generating within your own psyche. To own your creative power, you must 0wn all that you are allowing to remain active in your own awareness.

To make any significant lasting change in your personal experience requires a change in the emotionalized thoughts you keep activated in the matrices of your being. You are constantly encoding your personal energy field with the contents of your mind.

There is no thought that actually belongs to you. Thought arises and then you react to it in the belief that it is yours, that it belongs to you, that it’s your thought. Look at this closely. All thoughts belong to the space and field of reality that you have identified with. Recognize the content for what it is and detach from all that does not serve you. It’s not yours. So let it go.

Pay attention to the ‘I Am’ declarations you make moment to moment. You lock yourself into patterns with everything you attach to ‘I Am’. Only claim being what you desire to be.

The definitions of ‘realness’ you impose upon waking experience is part of what creates the illusion that it is unchangeable, fixed, inflexible. Loosen your definitions of what waking experience is. Where does the dream world end and the ‘real’ world begin? There are no actual lines in the sand. It is all the continuous expanse of consciousness. Drop the boundaries and you will allow yourself more wiggle room to bring about something different.