Let go of focusing on how others around you are or are not performing. Let go of focusing on how they are or are not behaving. Let go of distracting and disrupting yourself because of other people’s way of being in the world. That kind of focus only serves to disrupt the level of coherence you have and hold in your own being. If you can’t focus on someone or something and maintain clarity and positive energy flow, then lift your attention off of that someone or something and focus on your own being to restore that clarity and positive energy flow. The nervous system you can manage and optimize is your own, and it’s in mastery of your own being, your own thoughts, feelings and energy flow, that you can serve to inspire and influence those in your world. Focus on your capacity for greatness and demonstrate that consistently. Let nothing and no one distract and disrupt you from that primary task. Your time, attention, and energy is best used in the flowering of your own consciousness.