Embrace the unknown. Recognize that everything beyond this moment is a flow of experience coming out of the infinite mystery of Being. Open up to possibility. Let go of thinking you know what tomorrow, this week, this month or this year hold, so that you can expand to allow more than you imagined was possible.


Let go of believing that it takes a great deal of effort and energy to change beliefs. Let yourself take on the belief that changing belief structures can happen in an instant with a simple decision. Train yourself to be flexible in mind.

You must train yourself to differentiate between imaginary obstacles and real obstacles. Imagined obstacles are false limits you project. If an obstacle is right in front of you, you can do something about it. If an obstacle is only one you’re imagining or anticipating to be there, the answer is to simply drop that hallucination and keep driving yourself forward. Ask yourself: is this obstacle actually in front of me or am I just anticipating or imagining that it will be there? Is it in front of my senses or is it in my head?

Update your psychological map of self and world so that your map is based on empowered and empowering ideas. What you understand about yourself and others in all types of situations and contexts, are only maps or models of understanding you have formed. If the map or model you have does not offer you the quality of experiences you desire to have, then the answer is to upgrade your map.

A higher quality outer life comes from a higher quality inner life. It’s how you manage and regulate yourself, how you manage and regulate your thoughts, emotions, physiology, and focus, that determines the quality of the moments you experience. As within, so without.

Make it a recurring standard to develop and sustain a high level of self-awareness. It’s in understanding the mechanics of how you think and feel, and how life events influence your thoughts and feelings, that will allow you to gain mastery of self. And it is this mastery of self that in turn makes you immensely influential in your environment and personal reality.

All the resources you need are already within you. If you spend your time focused on what your external reality can and cannot provide for you, you cheat yourself from connecting to the very source and resource of all that you view as your external world. Life force comes through you and from you. Energy, the energy of the Universe, flows through you and exists in regions of being-ness that are greater than the external world you find yourself faced with and immersed in. To access more, go within. Always turn and go within.