Live from no other state than the state of already having your desired outcome. Tune and attune to that energy only.


Living your life on purpose means taking control of your decisive thoughts. What decisions are you making about your life and yourself? Your moments are full of the decisions you’re making in the background of your awareness. You’re constantly making decisions, little decisions about what will happen or will not happen for you, and big decisions that you recognize as significant moments of change for your being. The more awareness you bring into the little decisions you make, the points where you say something can’t happen or something won’t happen, the more you can influence and change the outcomes you have show up for you.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else around you is doing or not doing. It’s about you and where you’re energetically keeping yourself.

Consciously direct all ownership back to your own being – release all notion that things external to you are causing your experience.

It’s not your words that are magnetic, it’s the feelings they carry. Words are carriers. Your statements are carriers. Your beliefs are carries. And what all these facets of expressions carry is emotionalized energy – energy that has been collapsed within a specific frequency spectrum.

What story are you telling in this moment about the situations and people around you? Is it empowering?