All qualities of physicality can be changed by the changing of the mind that is being used to observe and define the patterns of information showing up. When you change the emotionalized thoughts that you generate, accept, and validate as a response to what’s showing up, you change the quality of what’s showing up. You change the way the light of that information is bent in your own field of perception. When you change the premise of observation, what’s observed also changes. Remember, the observer, the observed, and the process of observation are a continuum of intelligence. Begin to pay attention to the interpretations and meanings you’re creating moment after moment – that’s your lens. You often fixate on what you think is external reality, when really you’re fixated on your interpretation of external reality. By asking yourself: ‘what am I making this mean? How am I defining this?’ you’ll take yourself into paying attention to your field of perception itself. From there you can shift into the new mindset that will allow you to observe something different, something new, something you had no access to before the shift in heart and mind.