There is so much that is already different about your being and reality that you are overlooking. Notice this noticeable change and stay in that awareness. Emphasize how you’ve already changed in thought, in emotion, in your focus in your own awareness. This will condition you to bypass the tendency to normalize and overlook the reality of your ever-changing nature.


Trust and decide that whatever is showing up in whatever way is there to serve you, to elevate you, to bless you. Let your judgement be “this too is good, this too is a blessing.” Pay attention to the direction and spin of your own mind. Pay attention to your meaning habits, what you habitually want to make things mean. And deliberately choose the interpretation and lens that takes you into accelerated flows of energy. You can decide what things mean, and through that decision influence the energy current and flows of your reality.

Remember, the Universe is in your favor always. Whatever you desire to experience is not only possible, it is probable. Your desires are pointing you to probable outcomes in the quantum field. Live openly. Live expectantly. Live in your power to be the cosmic creative current of intelligence that you are.

Empowerment is not about exercising personal control over the external circumstances of your life. If you feel like you have to force a circumstance into submission, you’re not in your full power. It is out of insecurity that you try to force the material world around you to change or conform to your standards. It’s out of resistance and tension that you move into trying to control the environment around you. Move away from the tendency to want to control the conditions of your environment, and instead focus on the active and conscious management of your states of being.

Recognize all patterns in your waking experience for what they really are. Let go of what the pattern implies about you or your world, and recognize the pattern as a pattern only. The narrative, the content of your patterns create an impression that something real and true is happening, that there is a reality unfolding. You are either seeing the patterns of your waking reality or you are seeing the reality the patterns are implying. It’s a subtle observation you must make where beliefs are seen as beliefs instead of being the eyes through which you are looking at your world and self.

Events will never define you. Events can never define you. They are momentary fleeting apparitions. Be centered in yourself and recognize that the only power of definition in your reality, is you. All events are neutral in nature. They do not have an inherent charge. The apparent charge of any event, whether positive or negative, is in the eye of the observer – you. Meaning, judgement, definition are all attributes you impose on what you’re observing. Event’s don’t shape you. Your interpretations of those events shape you. So, ultimately, you shape yourself by the interpretations, definitions, and meanings you create and accept inside yourself moment after moment. You are completely Self defined, self authored, self shaped and so on. Own this.