It’s your own angle of observation that determines what you think you see. Your experience of reality is solely encompassed in your angle of observation. Change your angle and you’ll notice something different. Reality is as flexible as the perspectives you step into.


Before you even interact with a ‘problem’ you first define this otherwise neutral event as a problem. You’re creating the very relationships you react to in your own field of perception. Recognize the ways in which you set up and bind potential patterns into definitive-ness with the way you label, confine, and interact with them. The patterns of your life are much more malleable and flexible than your definitions of ‘problems’ and ‘issues’ allow. You are always in the creative seat of your life.

Pay attention to your narrative as it relates to time. The abundance of time or the scarcity of time is something that you project and put before yourself. You cannot practice a mantra of ‘I never have enough time’ and live a life where you have all the time in the world to do all that you desire to do. Notice the very perceptual limitations you are setting up for yourself moment after moment. The story you tell yourself and perpetuate through unchecked internal mind chatter, is the story you make real for yourself in your world.

Where are you putting things off for ‘later’? The only time and the only place to start moving toward the outcomes you desire, is Here and Now. Take that first step now. Make that decision now. Take action now.

Deliberate creation requires that you let go of over-focusing on the transient arrangement and rearrangement of your waking environment. You must let go of having manifestation dictate your sense of ‘what is’ and let your vision be what leads you.

Questioning the usefulness of the emotional responses you automatically run is what will help you in creating more and more empowering strategies that will make accessing inspiration (and other higher levels of awareness) even easier. What will keep you moving forward, what will keep your momentum alive and fueled, are the emotional responses you generate in the face of the circumstances and conditions of your life. You run your emotions, they do not run you. Question the habituated response and choose something different. Replace it with the emotion that energizes you and propels you forward. That’s in your power.

You readily become whatever you believe you can become. Belief, emotionalized thought, is the basis of your evolution. The journey of your transformation into any expression, the move from one version of yourself into another, starts with who you believe you can be. Who do you believe you can become? How deeply do you believe this?