If you don’t direct your mind, your mind will direct you. Take ownership of the space of your mind and emotions. Let yourself be the power of influence in your own experience rather than giving up your seat of power to the influences of external factors. Be self-determined in every direction of your life and you’ll cultivate the inner strength to live the quality of life you desire.


One of the things you want to notice anytime you are creating or moving into a new experience is that up until the point you made the decision to change or live something different, you were actively co-creating and co-participating in whatever was showing up, both consciously and unconsciously. And so you were in a perspective and angle of observation that created, maintained, and sustained the reality showing up. Start by owning your co-creative participation in the fields showing up, and you’ll give yourself the power to make any desired change a reality.

Question your thoughts. Let go of assuming that it’s your true and authentic voice speaking when a stream of thought takes hold of your awareness. If it doesn’t inspire you, if it doesn’t ignite you, if it doesn’t propel and empower you, then it is not your true authentic voice speaking. When thoughts that create discomfort arise, ask yourself: If I were to hear the voice of my true authentic limitless self right now, what thoughts would I be aware of instead?

Tap into the potential that resides between the frames of your every moment. Everywhere you go, where ever you are, there is infinite potential ready to be accessed. Include this in your moment to moment awareness and you’ll be the opening for even more resonant and expansive energies to come through.

You cannot make something else the cause of your experience and feel your power at the same time. You cannot play victim to the thought content you’re empowering, and feel the power within you at the same time. You cannot make it about something else and someone else and connect to your power at the same time. Only when you make it about you and you alone do you step into your ability to author your moments.

Impossible things happen in every moment, every single day. Whether or not you experience the reality of what most may deem as an impossibility is entirely dependent on your rules for what can or cannot happen in your personal and perceptual space-time matrix.

All that you see around you as your personal reality is an echo of a template, a blueprint born of the definitions you hold of yourself and your world. Consciousness is primary – it is before matter, before DNA, before genetics, before ancestors, before lifetimes. Hold the true cause to be the cause of your experience, and you’ll experience the effects of your true personal power to change any aspect of your waking reality that you desire to change.