Let your premise be that it’s *easy* to make a change. If your framework is that “change takes time”, “change is hard work”, “change is difficult”, then you will set yourself up to fulfill those exact conditions when moving into experiencing change. The parameters and conditions you decide are true, that you declare are true, will be the parameters you encounter every step of the way. You are always in the seat of authorship.


Take stalk of the different areas of your life, of your human experience. How empowered are you in these areas? How connected do you feel to the infinite flow of positive moment-enhancing experiences? Engage with yourself frequently. Where you are running a dis-empowering pattern in any area of your life is where you need to shift your focus, shift the flow and direction of your thoughts, emotions, and expectations. As you change that flow inside yourself, you’ll change the flow of events and circumstances you encounter. As within, so without.

Create possibility in your outlook. Instead of solely focusing on what is or isn’t happening, make room in your awareness for what could happen. What else can come through outside of your conditioned expectations? What surprises and positive unexpected events can show up? Stay open. Stay in the mindset of infinite positive possibilities.

When you let go of the need for something to happen or not happen you enter a state of neutrality that allows for something much more useful to emerge. Let go of your conditions and open up to the broader possibilities of the Universe-Field.

Pay attention to the questions you’re asking about the situations in your life. The questions you are asking determine where you look and what fields you access. “Why me” plugs you into a different field than “how does this get better”. Notice how you are making use of the search function in your own neurology. What you access, whether you access inspiration or more problem thoughts, is decided by the questions you ask.

What’s right and what’s beautiful in your life is as equally available for you to focus on as what’s wrong. Which has your focus?

Train yourself into developing a habit of asking questions that will further propel you into experiencing the outcomes you desire. “How can I do this” will get you further than “why isn’t this working”. Notice what you access with each of these questions – there is a difference in the energy and awareness you make available to yourself. There is a difference in your psychology and physiology. The questions you ask matter. The questions you silently and continuously ask are moving you into states and responses that will either support and enhance the experience of your desired outcome, or drive you away from your desired outcome. Look under the hood of your own internal activity, and you’ll find everything you need to get you to where you want to be.