Create your own rules and parameters. Where there is no way is your opportunity to make your own way. Putting the power of your heart-mind into it, you can create new worlds, new standards, new paths. The multiverse is on your creative side.


To move out of discomfort, first acknowledge where you are and then begin to take yourself into where you want to be. Change comes from you.

Focused intent is different from fuzzy intent is different from expanded intent. Notice the projection of your intention. How clear is it? How focused is it? How decisive is it? How inclusive is it? From what level of self are you expressing and extending it from? If you have a clear intent that feels more like a decision as you tune into it, the sharpness and clarity of that waveform you launch from inside yourself will powerfully go further to bring about the matching reflection in events and circumstances. Be clear. Be definite. Be decisive. And what you intend and decide upon will come sit in front of you.

Value your desired outcome more than your current observation. That is how you mobilize yourself into desired outcomes. Notice where you are putting more value, more meaning. When you value something, you are elevating its essence, its vibrancy, its reality. Value the end you desire and you’ll guarantee its swift materialization into your reality.

Anytime you doubt, question, or disbelieve your fulfillment, you are putting a limit on the creative power and boundless intelligence of the Living Universe. You are putting your trust in the conditioned mind and its limited conceptions instead of on the Infinite Creative hand of the cosmic power that formed you and breathes you. Surrender into your Greatness. Surrender yourself to the Greatness.

How you conceive of yourself is how you energetically clothe yourself in the world. Meaning, what you hold to be true of yourself, is the information you wrap yourself with and present to the world around you. Pay attention to what you say is true about you. Pay attention to who you say you are. That is the energy current out of which your personal reality materializes.

Never for a moment feel or believe that the Universe isn’t answering your requests. All that you have asked for and more, is already given. Stay open. Remain receptive. Allow.