Recede your awareness back into the space that contains all thoughts, all sensations, all agitations and disturbances that ripple through awareness. It is because you are not your thoughts, your sensations, your emotions that you have the ability to drop any narrative, any personal story that isn’t serving you to be aligned to your highest and best. Be still, clear your mind, and start fresh. This is the invitation every single moment holds for you.


Hold steady to your vision. Circumstances are temporary. If they have appeared they are sure to disappear. Let your vision guide you. Let your preferred outcomes inform you of what’s possible. Let your imagination be a preview of possibility instead of a projection of limitation. Do not be swayed or influenced by changing and changeable forms. Reality is malleable. Sink into that and let that sink into you.

No thing, no place and no one is more important than your feeling of positive states, your feeling grateful, your residence in the elevated emotions of joy, peace and connectedness. Let no thing, no place or no one influence you into contraction. Mind your energy. Let that be the only thing that has your undivided devotion.

Everything that you’ve learned, everything that’s taught you to adopt a role and play by socially and culturally dictated rules, acts as an artificial limit to the totality of your being. To be open to a new reality, to be open to a bigger game in life than you’ve known, you have to be willing to see through the limitations you’ve taken to be the norm up until this point.