Lead your mind instead of having it lead you. #inspiration #empowerment #spirituality #positivity #meditation

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What you say is possible is what you declare is possible. Nothing is written in stone. Nothing is a done deal, no matter what scenario you are considering. You are the author of what can and cannot happen in your experience. It has never been any other way.

You are powerful. You are a creative presence. You are pure creative power. Know this in your heart and all will reveal itself to be your creative consort.

When you sustain the feeling of your fulfillment, when you dwell in the state of your fulfillment in any direction of your life, you are allowing yourself to be the powerful creative presence that you are. Let nothing interrupt your power to know your fulfillment right here and now. Let nothing distract you from your intrinsic creative power. You are always the common creative denominator in all that you live and don’t live.

It is the feeling into of the desired something that transports you into the field in which that something lives. You are never not traveling into or away from fields of experience. As you feel it, so will you live it.

The world around you can only bear witness to who and what you know yourself to be. Your power to self author, self declare, self express is entirely in your hands. No one and nothing can define you. Only you can define you and always do.

It’s up to you to direct the light of your conscious mind toward the areas you want to bring to life in your waking reality. Where your attention goes, is where the creative energy of your Being flows.