Let’s start with this: who and what you really are is a creative power for which there are no conceptual pointers to. Know yourself and all else will fall in line with your clear indisputable self-knowledge.


Whatever is arising, look at it as energy without the mental narrative or reaction. Simply notice it as energy with curiosity.

Let go of being dazzled and entranced by physical reality. Re-tune yourself to the primacy of consciousness. Consciousness is always first, physical reality is always second, like a reflection or an echo.

Let yourself recognize where you are allowing limiting beliefs to direct you. There are no truths, facts, solid boundaries to anything. Everything is a malleable perceptual filter you are imposing on the world about you. Question the assumptions you are constantly extending out from within yourself.

Your presence in this life experience is a creative presence. You are not here to play it small and hold yourself as the effect of external conditions. Stand in your power fully. Embrace your creative seat in the Universe. Be in your full power right here and right now.

Nothing is what you think it is. No one is who you think they are. Beyond the boundaries of your definitions rests a creative flexibility you can leverage at any given point you choose.