Behind every emotion and reaction is a pattern of thought you believe to be true. What’s useful is not to look at the situation that acts as a trigger but to look at the belief patterns at back of your reactions. Awareness of the self you are being will do more to breathe light into your experiences than staying attached to the appearance of a fleeting and temporary event.


Whatever you wrap your focus around, you create resonance with. Notice what you give attention to. Because as you become absorbed in how it behaves or is behaving you begin to harmonize with it. Choose what will have your focus and attention. Choose what you allow yourself to harmonize with.

Whatever resistance is showing up, understand that it is being perpetuated and maintained in your own awareness. There is nothing that is separate and apart from your perception of it.

“Where you are looking ‘out there’ for guidance, support, is where you can go within for direct communion with the unseen forces and resources of all of Creation. Be Still. Go inward. Look into the Unknown realms of Being.”
– via Kidest OM | (via kidestom)

Take charge of what is occupying your mind-space moment after moment. Liberate the energy that is being flown into unnecessary mental chatter and you’ll find you’ll have exponentially amplified your creative power. – Kidest OM

“If you were to right now allow energy to flow freely through your system and world, what changes? What do you let go? What do you let in?”
– via Kidest OM | (via kidestom)