Create the feeling of already having what you desire to have and sustain it. As you attune yourself more and more to this feeling, this feeling then becomes a natural part of your being. It is this embodiment of the feeling of already having what you desire that translates into an effortless experience of living that fulfilment. – Kidest OM, Infinite-Life.Com


Whatever circumstance shows up, it’s yet another opportunity to get clear on what you want. Circumstances do not matter. They are only points of inspiration into choosing to be even clearer on what you desire to be experiencing. – Kidest OM, Infinite-Life.Com

Continuity, the feeling of sameness and familiarity you experience from one moment to the next, from one second to the next is something you create, perpetuate and hold in your awareness. You could just as easily and seamlessly experience the feeling of things already being different from one second to the next. It’s all in the perception and perspective you habituate as your lens. – Kidest OM, Infinite-Life.Com

It is when you notice that some situation or pattern no longer tugs at you or provokes you into engagement that you can realize that you have neutralized your attachment and investment in the reality or validity of that pattern. You cannot engage with patterns that are no longer true for you. – Kidest OM, Infinite-Life.Com