You can’t think in terms of the past and experience something different. You can’t keep performing the same actions, feeling the same feelings, and experience something new. You have to change your energy. You have to change yourself internally, create change in your habituated thoughts and feelings, to move yourself into new experiences. – Kidest OM, Infinite-Life.Com


There is nothing to resist. No amount of resistance will change the circumstance or condition. Let go of fighting what is. Kidest OM via

Nothing and no one can make you stressed. Stress is something that you do. Tension is something that you do inside yourself. Own this and take control of what emotions and responses you generate and sustain within yourself. – Kidest OM, Infinite-Life.Com Kidest OM via

Whatever situation or challenge is facing you, pay attention to where your mind wants to go and what it wants to make it mean. Give whatever is in front of you some constructive purpose. Tell yourself it’s there to help you grow, it’s there to help you reach a new level of self-awareness, it’s there to help you unfold and evolve yourself even more. The alternative of going into a “why me” train of thinking will only sever to diminish the energy and momentum available to you. What you say something is, what purpose you say something has impacts you first and foremost. It impacts your energy flow, it impacts your physiology, it impacts how you relate with others, it impacts your choice of words, thoughts, feelings and everything else. Where one interpretation and perspective will propel you forward through the challenge, the other will move you into varying degrees of psychological discomfort that slow down your ability to move through the event. – Kidest OM, Infinite-Life.Com Kidest OM via

You cannot experience realities that you are not in the energetic neighborhood of. You cannot see what you are not a match to see. If it’s not visible to you, it’s because of where you are holding yourself in consciousness – where you are holding yourself in thought, feeling, and beliefs. Change that, and it will all come into view. – Kidest OM, Infinite-Life.Com Kidest OM via