IN-Powerment Post of the Day – Kidest OMૐ

All you have to do is let go. Let go of mentally planning, mentally troubleshooting problems that aren’t in front of you. All you have to do is let go of worrying, over-thinking, and mentally obsessing about a tomorrow that is not yet born. All you have to do is just let go and be in this moment just right here and right now. Let your attention reside just in the moment you’re in. Just your right here and right now, whatever shape or form it has taken. Give it your full attention and see what it makes of your next moment. And when that next moment comes, again all you need to do is let go of everything else but that moment. When you again and again stop dispersing your energy and attention into a million imagined “tomorrows” and “laters” or a million imagined yesterdays, you find you have all the insight, intelligence, resourcefulness and aliveness you need not only to master whatever is showing up in the moment, but to transcend it altogether into a space of heart and mind that is completely free, liberated and absolutely limitless. – Kidest OM, Infinite-Life.Com