IN-Powerment Post of the Day – Kidest OMૐ

You must let go of those past experiences that bring you down, that make you feel low. You must eject the interpretations you have formed and hold in yourself that make you feel any negative emotion. You must recognize that the past feels as it does because of the meanings you hold alive in yourself. That situation or circumstance or individual did not come with the meaning and interpretation you have created. If when you look back at your experiences you feel something other than gratitude or appreciation for that situation or individual, then you are holding a part of yourself in a disempowered state of being. You are saying that the situation or individual is in charge of what you can think and feel. Let go. Release. Forgive. Fully and wholeheartedly celebrate that moment, that individual. Bring light into those moments and free up the energy locked and knotted in your old negative interpretations. You are the only meaning maker in your experience. Own that. – Kidest OM | Infinite-Life.Com