New book: In Tune with Miracles: Cultivating Miracle Consciousness now available in all Amazon stores!

ITWM StacksWhatever sector of reality you desire to perceive, you do so through the mindsets you bring to form in your own field of perception. Dive into the living stream of information and energy offered in these pages to understand what structure of perception allows one to not only witness but participate in the frequent emergence of miracles in their personal reality. Merging fields of study in consciousness, perception, various sciences, and metaphysics, this book offers you a perspective and practice on the accessibility of all that you would define as miraculous. It rests on the primary premise that miracles are the norm and their apparent absence in your experience the exception. In Tune with Miracles includes 44 attunements configured specifically to allow you to create the perceptual changes necessary to bring about your innate and natural capacity to live a life that is intricately and abundantly filled with miracles.

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