IN-Powerment Post of the Day – Kidest OMૐ

“Mastery of the manifestation process includes accepting responsibility for all of our creations. We can not honestly absolve ourselves of the circumstances we wish to change, without first recognizing our own participation in creating them.

We are all powerful manifestors, albeit selectively. We may tend to manifest what we do not want, while continuing to desire what we do not appear to have.

When we end the compartmentalizing of our creative patterns, and own our role in everything we may be experiencing, then we open ourselves up to the mastery of manifestation.

From this all-inclusive state of awareness, we notice there is no difference between what we may have, and what we may want, in that both are accessible manifestations. At the level of mastery, there is no longer a wayward desire to manifest, because manifestation is recognized simply as the way things unfold, depending upon our focus.

We are already powerful manifestors. We simply need to recognize it, appreciate it, and allow for our focus to gently follow where awareness already knows…it is already done.” ~Melissa Joy Jonsson, Matrix Energetics