Your empowerment isn’t about what you’ve been taught and told by the world about you. It’s about taking full control of what you now allow to reside in your neurology and energy field. You have full authority in what belief will and will not call itself home in your mindset.


Form the belief that you can have it, do it, be it, on the mental level. Connect to the feeling of that on the emotional level. Alignment of heart and mind so that they are speaking the same energy in vision and feeling is what makes you magnetic to the experiences you’re after matching up and meeting up with.

Ask yourself: if total alignment with my source and power was my highest priority right now, what would I pay attention to and bring into focus, and what would I put out of focus?

There’s absolutely nothing more important than your alignment, your connection to your power. Prioritize your alignment in your own nervous system. Let it be the most important focus in your neurology, in your mind and body. Put it above everything else in every moment.

Anytime you elevate your energy, anytime you raise your vibration, you are giving yourself more access to life force. Feeling good right now is an exercise in refueling, empowering, and energizing your being into the experiences you desire.

You have total control in what states you generate within yourself. Let your daily practice include managing your vibration. Check and see where you’re holding yourself and direct your focus into the energies that fuel and support your growth, fulfillment, and expansion.