🧠 Let your mental narrative sound along the lines of: “What if it just gets better? What if it’s even better than I expect? What if it’s more than I would have imagined? What if…?” The more you train yourself to generate positive mental currents, the more receptive you become to the positive flow of life, and the more power and momentum you add to your creative pursuits.

Give yourself and your loved one’s a moment of acknowledgement for arriving where you have arrived 🏆🎖️. Allow yourself to savor what you’ve already completed, regardless of how big or small the task. Regularly focusing on yourself with appreciation for what you’ve completed, what you’ve overcome, what you’ve already accomplished builds your inner confidence and becomes a strong foundation that fuels your progress through future challenges.

Choosing and deciding to leave something behind, closing the door on some chapter of your life can often be a huge step to take. It will feel that way, at least at the start of the journey. What I emphasize on this, is base your decision and next steps on your vision and what you feel is possible for you, rather than what you fear of your new journey. Whatever is bubbling up within you, whatever is nudging you to start a new chapter or begin a new journey, is doing so for a reason. It is the growth impulse of your being, and while that can trigger survival programming (e.g. fear, insecurity) to kick in, your work is to self-regulate out of those states and choose from your full consciousness. When we’re in survival mode, we access much less information neurologically. We have less access to our full intelligence and the guidance that is, for certain, streaming to us in support of our next evolution, our emergence. In survival mode, while in states of fear or stress (fight, flight, freeze), our field of perception is narrow and fixed on survival only. So it is definitely not a time to make decisions. To be effective and align our choices and actions with our vision we’ve gotta get back to our higher mental functions first. Take deep breaths, get out in nature, exercise and self-regulate back to more optimal states before making those important decisions! Journal. Get your thoughts out in front of you. Bring objectivity into your what’s and why’s and see what clarity emerges. You’ll bring more empowered ownership into your decision when you do it from a state of response-ability, exercising your ability to respond to your inner impulses and outer environment, from your full consciousness. Be gentle with yourself in the process of change. Engage in some deep listening to what your own being is telling you. Self-regulate. And TRUST that the Universe is 100% in favor of your growth! If you need to tap into more confidence, reflect on all the phases in your life when you’ve made a change and how you navigated through it and got to where you are. Some self-belief, some trust in your self and the Universe, and some mindful decision making will make beginning your new journey much easier.

Growth 🌱 and expansion require you to prune away the old, to release and let go of the expectations, decisions, conclusions, and connections formed from your previous level of mind. Allow yourself to welcome the process of shedding all that no longer fits who you have become.

Complaining is expending energy without directing it toward a specific outcome. It’s using your life energy unproductively. To create change effectively, cut ✂️ out the habits and behaviors that waste your creative power.

Everything can change for the better in an instant. How are you open to the miraculous possibilities of this moment?

Trust your life. Trust yourself. Trust the Universe that you are embedded in. The more trust you can cultivate, the more steadily you can move through life’s challenges.